Halloween Deco cake Box rental

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Halloween Deco cake Box rental

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A decoration box to rent for one evening.

The box includes:

1 bloody wall decor

1 giant 3m clown with blinking eyes

1 entrance panel

1 bone pack

15 orange candles on batteries

4 black roses

5 eyes

1 pack of black diamonds

Halloween Led Projector

9 costume accessories

Danger banners (must not be returned)

Eye candles (must not be returned)

Spider webs (should not be returned)

1 pack of Halloween theme confetti (must not be returned)

8 Halloween themed plates (not to be returned)

8 Halloween-themed tumblers (not to be returned)

1 pack of 16 Halloween theme napkins (must not be returned)

1 black plastic Halloween theme tablecloth (must not be returned)

12 cakesicles (3 possibilities cacao, chocolate, vanilla)

Items that do not need to be returned may vary depending on availability but will always be Halloween themed !

The price includes delivery and return.