Iridiscent Foil balloon 18 - Bundle

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Iridiscent Foil balloon 18 - Bundle




This practical packaging allows you to start your party decorations at home! This set of aluminum balloons consists of 2 aluminum number balloons (1 and 8) and 6 pink latex balloons . Super cool as an eye catcher for your 18th birthday! The balloons also have an iridescent effect. This certainly brings them out.

One package contains the number 1 and number 8 (91 centimeters / 36 inches). In addition, there are 2 confetti balloons, 2 marble balloons and 2 plain balloons (30 centimeters / 12 inches). It is also fun to inflate latex balloons with helium. Remember to tie a ribbon with a balloon weight underneath, so that they hang neatly in the right place.

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